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  • Instilling Eye Drops Tips
    Tips and Tricks for Instilling Eye Drops                Do you have trouble putting in eye drops? Take comfort because you are not alone! Quite a few of our patients complain about Read more
  • Animal Eye Fun Facts
    Did you know an ostrich's eye ball is bigger than it's brain. Each eye is roughly the size of a billiard ball.Cat’s eyes have almost 285 degrees of sight in Read more
  • Issues with Eye Strain While Using Computer?
    Having trouble with eye strain at the computer? Remember the 20-20-20 rule! Keep your eyes at least 20 inches from your screen and take a 20 second break every 20 Read more
  • Answering Your Questions About Your Eyes
    Is it okay to stare directly at the sun if you squint or are wearing sunglasses?Answer: It is never recommended to stare at the sun. The sun produces ultra-violet rays Read more
  • Protecting your eyes!
    Protecting your eyes from injury is one of the most basic things you can do to keep your vision healthy throughout your life. There is one simple, easy step that Read more
  • Your Glasses or Vision Are Fine but You Still Need an Eye Exam
    7 Health Problems Eye Exams Can DetectDid you know that an eye exam can be as effective as a physical in determining your health? Unfortunately, many Americans put off going Read more
  • Women's Eye Health
    Two-thirds of blindness and other visual impairments worldwide occur in women.Glaucoma, cataracts, and Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) are more likely to be an issue for women. There are various Read more
  • Amsler Grid
    The Amsler grid is used by doctors to recognize any vision issues that may be a result from damage to the macula, or the central portion of the retina. Damage Read more
  • Eye Health For Women
    "Women are so busy taking care of their families, their jobs, and their lives that they don't always have time to think about their own health."A few things women can Read more
  • Eyelash Extensions: Are They Safe?
    Eyelash extensions are being used to help women’s eyes pop. Eyelash extensions are a growing trend and have gotten a fair share of publicity in recent years, with several big Read more
  • Is Your Eyelid Twitching?
    "Does your eyelid keep twitching? An eyelid twitch, or myokymia, can be caused by a number of different things including stress, tiredness, eye strain, dryness, or caffeine. Most of the Read more
  • Eye Allergies: Common Causes
    Allergy season is here again! Are you experiencing the effects of season allergies? The most common airborne allergens that cause eye allergies are pollen, mold, dust, and pet dander. Depending Read more
  • Do Dogs See Colors?
    Dogs have a limited color range they can see. We have 3 color cones in our eyes that allows us to see the full color spectrum. Dogs only have 2 Read more
  • Eyewear Protection While Doing Yard Work
    Safety eyewear is a necessity when doing outside yard work or gardening. Over 1 million eye injuries in the United States occur while someone is outside working without protection for Read more
  • Colors Of The Rainbow
    A baby will begin to see color as early as 4 or 5 months, but he will still have trouble distinguishing between different shades and tones.He will start by seeing Read more
  • Ultraviolet Protection
    Ultraviolet (UV) protection is an important part of your eye health. The UV radiation that emits from the sun can cause damage to the skin of your eyelid, as well Read more

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